Wellness ... a better way of living.

What is "Wellness"?  More than anything else it is an attitude to life.  Wellness means that, whatever the circumstances affecting one's health, one is determined to strive for better health.  Whether one is blessed with a strong, well-built body, a sound mind and a cheery disposition or one has a chronic, debilitating and depressing disorder, one is going to do one's best to be stronger, healthier and happier.

This commitment to higher standards of health in all dimensions - social, mental, physical, spiritual and occupational - is the essence of wellness.  Its importance lies in the fact that life is never the same for very long.  Circumstances are always changing, and if only due to the ageing process alone, we must know that the health we enjoy today cannot be guaranteed tomorrow.

Wellness, then, is dealing with change in a positive way.  Wellness means being proactive rather than reactive - taking in front, as they say in Trinidad & Tobago.  But wellness goes beyond prevention in the usual sense of avoidance and defence against assaults on the status quo.  Wellness implies a constant improvement in the status quo.  Prevention is aimed at maintaining one's health; wellness means optimising one's health - which process incorporates preventative measures.

About Us

Wellness Caribbean is a health promotion organization in the purest sense. Unlike a hospital out-patient clinic, a community health centre or a doctor's office, it is not a gateway to the medical care system, but a resource centre for the elevation of overall standards of health which incidentally serves to reduce the risk of disease.

Health promotion is achieved, not through the administering of "care", but through insight, motivation and personal action. In other words, through changes in attitude and behaviour on the part of individuals and communities. The tools for bringing about these changes are communication, education and participation.

We do not sell "products". Our goal is to empower clients to take greater personal responsibility for the adoption of healthier lifestyles through health education, the supply of information on health status, and individualized wellness programs.

Wellness Caribbean encourages healthier lifestyles in the firm belief that there are no shortcuts or 'easy' ways to greater fitness of mind and body. The only sure means to better health, greater drive, higher morale and freedom from worry about sickness and death are exercise, proper nutrition, good stress management, adequate sleep, safe habits, and moderation in all things.

LiveWell T&T and LiveWell Belize are  Personal  and Corporate Wellness Programs which include a range of services for better health management - physically, mentally, emotionally, occupationally, spiritually and socially.

Our services reach out to all - from teenagers to the executives of major corporations - and include Wellness Workshops for 10 to 30 participants on a wide range of topics including Healthy Living, Lifestyle Disease, Stress, Retirement and Corporate Wellness.

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