Stress Management
Shortened (1 1/2 hours)                    
Full (3 hrs)                     
Extended (one day)                
What is "stress"?       
     "good" stress; "bad" stress      
     appropriate and inappropriate
     physiology of stress      
     symptoms and signs of stress      
     stress and disease      
Dealing with stress       
     responding to work site stressors          conflict resolution, communication          time management      
     how to stop worrying      
     sleep, nutrition, fitness      
Practical techniques       
     know yourself      
     muscle relaxation      
     breathing exercises      
     mental holidays; mini-holidays
     hobbies;  meditation

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Wellness Workshops (cont.)

1 to 3 hours for 10 to 30 participants - at the worksite or in the community

Lifestyle disease
  • "Progress" and the emergence of lifestyle disease
  • "health" is not just the absence of "sickness"
  • The Frightful Five: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke
  • The risk factors for lifestyle disease
  • How to manage your health and reduce your risk
  • The role of diet, exercise, stress and sleep in lifestyle disease
  • Blood tests and other screening for lifestyle disease
  • The Wellness Trajectory; aiming to "live long and die quickly"

Understanding Cancer
  • It's in the genes: all complex living things get cancer - including plants
  • Ageing and cancer; why we are seeing more people with cancer
  • How your body fights back against cancer
  • How to reduce your risk of getting cancer
  • Screening for cancer; don't wait until it's too late!
  • The search for a cure
  • Do NOT waste your money!
  • When it's time to let go

The management of Diabetes
  • The Fundamentals of good management
  • Improving your fitness level; controlling your weight
  • Nutrition in diabetes: healthy eating; glycaemic index
  • Maintaining good blood circulation in your legs
  • Checking for eye disease; monitoring your kidney function
  • Monitoring your blood glucose; bringing down your HbA1
  • How your medication is supposed to work for you
  • The role of the doctor, the nutritionist and the podiatrist
  • Your main goal: to be as fit and healthy as you can be