The Wellness Community is an association of people who are committed to the achievement of higher standards of health and well being through increased personal responsibility, networking and group support.

 Our Pledge

 As a member of the Wellness Community, I pledge my personal support for measures…

  • to protect the environment
  • to select clean and renewable energy sources
  • to preserve our parks and natural heritage
  • to conserve water and energy
  • to respect the rights of the child
  • to respect the rights of animals
  • to remove obstacles to the full participation of the disabled in society
  • to eradicate hunger and alleviate poverty
  • to ensure equality of access to national health care resources
  • to treat drug addiction as a disease and not a crime
  • to curtail the marketing and consumption of tobacco products
  • to encourage responsible advertising and consumption of alcohol
  • to reduce false and frivolous medical insurance claims
  • to eliminate socially and legally institutionalised violence


Our motto:


A better way of living; a better world to live in

Principal Consultant:


Dr. Geoffrey Frankson

A Belize National Scholar and a Rhodes Scholar, Dr. Frankson studied medicine at UWI, Human Sciences at Oxford University, and is a pioneer in the field of wellness in the Caribbean. He received the Regional Award for Excellence in Medicine and Health 2006, from the Environmental Health Foundation, Kingston, Jamaica, and was voted a Caribbean Luminary in 2007 by the American Foundation for The University of the West Indies. He was a director of the NW Regional Health Authority in Trinidad, and a commissioner in the Gaffoor Commission of Inquiry into the Public Health Sector. He was the founder and Managing Director of Better Health Ltd., which operated a Wellness Centre in Trinidad & Tobago from 1994 to 2012.