Dr. Geoffrfey Frankson MBBS, MA(Oxon)

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Wellness Workshops
for groups  of 10 to 30 persons.       Duration: one hour to three hours

Location: at your worksite or in the community.  Call 629-5401 for more information

Workshop on Personal Wellness:
       Review of the history of the concepts of health and disease   
       Changing patterns of morbidity and mortality and the implications thereof   
       The emergence of “lifestyle” diseases   
       The concept of health risk and the importance of risk management   
       The role of wellness in the context of lifestyle change   
       The Wellness Trajectory; wellness goals, and the importance of personal responsibility   
       Role models and “walking the talk”   
Workshop on Nutrition:
1) Anatomy and physiology   
2) Calories, carbohydrates, protein, fats and fibre   
3) Healthy eating:   
        a) The six food groups - balance and variety   
        b) Vegetarian diets   
4) Diet and disease:   
        a) Sodium, salt and hypertension   
        b) Diabetes and food   
        c) Cholesterol and heart disease   
5) Energy balance - weight management, fad diets   
6) Vitamins and supplements   

Workshop on Fitness/exercise:
      Who needs exercise?   
      What type of exercise   
      How much exercise do you need?   
      Benefits - and risks - of exercise   
      Getting started   
      Sticking with it   
      Goals, incentives, group support   

Workshops on Stress:
Shortened (1 1/2 hours)      
Full (3 hrs)        
Extended (one day)      
What is "stress"?    
       "good" stress; "bad" stress   
       appropriate and inappropriate responses   
       physiology of stress   
       symptoms and signs of stress   
       stress and disease   
Dealing with stress    
       responding to work site stressors   
       conflict resolution, communication   
       time management   
       how to stop worrying   
       sleep, nutrition, fitness   
Practical techniques    
       know yourself   
       muscle relaxation   
       breathing exercises   
       mental holidays; mini-holidays; hobbies   

Workshop on Lifestyle Diseases:
      Changing patterns of disease in modern society   
      The major diseases   
      Risk factors for lifestyle diseases   
      Heredity and risk   
      Treatment, prevention/postponement   
      High risk approach vs population approach   

Workshop on Diabetes Management:
       Fundamentals of good management   
       Raising your ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL); bringing down the ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL)   
       Improving your fitness level; controlling your weight   
       Reducing your body fat percent - why and how   
       Eating a proper diet   
       Maintaining good blood circulation in your legs   
       Monitoring your kidney function   
       Monitoring your blood glucose; bringing down your HbA1c   
       Managing stress   
       Checking for eye disease   
       Taking care of your feet   

Workshop on High Blood Pressure:
       The heart and circulation - systolic and diastolic blood pressure   
       Fundamentals of good management   
       Raising your ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL); bringing down the ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL)   
       Improving your fitness level; controlling your weight   
       Eating a proper diet - limiting salt (sodium) intake   
       Monitoring your kidney function   
       Managing stress   
       Checking for eye disease   
       Stroke and other complications   

Workshop on Corporate Wellness:
       The rationale for health promotion in the workplace   
       Strategic goals; Strategic actions   
       Communication and employee involvement   
       The assessment of risk   
       Wellness profiles versus medical check-ups   
       Partnerships for health promotion   
       The keys to success